Review: La Fontana – Gelati Brossard Restaurant Bar and Lounge

by · July 24, 2012

Our dear friend Keven Dextradeur hosted his birthday just one week after the launch of his new Wednesday night entitled “He loves Wednesdays” at La Fontana. The concept is great and the prices are affordable; $20CAD/person for drinks and the table d’hôte is on the house. This happens every Wednesday at La Fontana Gelati Bar & Grill in Brossard (Quartier-Dix30).

We could not have been greeted in a better way. At the door, the hostess knew our names and placed us immediately outside on the terrace just as we had requested. Within the first two minutes, Keven was already back at our table with two complementary glasses of champagne. Our waitress took our order with confidence and friendliness; she had no problems explaining the two different menus. It was great to have the perfect balance of an experienced, professional and beautiful waitress at our service. We decided to order a bottle of De Luca Pinot Grigio to start the evening off. After much anticipation, our meal arrived at the table, my partner Nick and I both had a delicious Salade Roquettes. Nick then opted for the pasta and I chose the Bavette. The salad was served with a mixture of balsamic dressing and finely sliced Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Shortly after, Nick received his plate of pasta and was not entirely satisfied; he found the pasta to be slightly undercooked. I had ordered the “Bavette de Boeuf”, which was served in a bowl on top of some salad. This made cutting a piece of meat with a butter knife a bit challenging. Despite this, is still tasted fantastic.

After dinner, the bar looked welcoming and cozy. I am not usually someone to sit at the bar after dinner, but this time I caved a little. Our buddy Keven, in the middle of his busy birthday night, managed to squeeze in a drink and another few words before the night was called to an early finish. By eleven o’clock, we were both on our way home. For those who like to stay out a little later, Fontana does offers bottle service for the more avid party goer; 26oz Ketel One was being sold for $150CAD.

For general information or to make dinner reservations please contact Keven Dex

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