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by · August 27, 2013

What better way to spend your evening than at a bring your own wine sushi lounge. Tucked away off the beaten path in the east end of montreal lies a little gem called Kazumi. The nondescript exterior is miles from doing the interior decor, the vibe, as well as the sushi, justice. If you happen to be in a group setting or on a romantic date, this place will meet all your expectations and then some. The interior has a modern, hip and classic feel to it, all complementing one another. This restaurant makes you feel like you are going out to eat instead of eating before going out.  We were kindly greeted at the door by the owner Thang and his staff and were  well attended to the entire evening. As far as the service goes, we could not have asked for more. If that weren’t enough, the presentation of each dish was a piece of art, pleasing to both the eye and the palate. 

Arriving with just enough time to settle in and open our bottle of wine we were served the “Chefs Salad”. We had the luxury of watching Thang himself prepare this dish with style and attentive care. This dish comprises of octopus, caviar, and lobster, topped off with the chefs own specialty dressing. Every bite opened our eyes to new and distinctive flavors. We were pleasantly surprised at how well the different tastes and the variety of different seafood flavors all meshed together.

Next up, we had the “Tuna Steak”; thinly sliced grilled rare tuna, shiitake mushrooms and tobiko served with the chef’s sauce. Even before we got a taste of this masterpiece we were literally blown out of the water by its presentation. The dish is made to resemble a sunk-in ship beneath the sea, and successfully so, as it peaked the curiosity of neighboring patrons. The aroma of the “Tuna Steak” lived up the its visual expectations as every slice melted in your mouth; this plate is a must order.
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Following the “Tuna Steak”, we were served the “Salmon Tartar”; Atlantic salmon, avocado, mango, tempura, spicy mayo and crab chips. The tartar was served in a sophisticated martini glass decorated and surrounded by another of the chefs specialty sauces, in which rested several heart shaped wasabi droplets. Not only is the “Salmon Tartar” delicious, it’s a dish befitting date night.
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We were then served the “Pénélope” which consists of shrimp katsu, Oshinko, shiso leaf rolled in thin sliced yellowtail tuna.  Followed by the “Fantaisie”, a specialty roll wrapped with soy bean leaf and hugging the Red tuna, mango, avocado, fried onion, crab stick, capelin roe and tempura. Both plates were carefully tended to as the waitress and Thang ensured every plate was wiped to ensure a perfect display. The various fresh seafood and minty tastes in the “Pénélope” are a pleasant mix as they hit you at different moments leaving just the right amount of time to enjoy every bite. Both the “Pénélope” and the “Fantaisie” are exquisite and enticing choices to satisfy your taste buds.
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To cap off this portion of the evening, Thang brought us out the “Black Cod”; marinated black cod with Sake served with Miso paste, followed by the “Avatar”; Shrimp tempura, fresh salmon, avocado, fried onion and capelin roe and finally the “Lobster Specialty”.

To phase out the evening on a sweet note, we were first served a tea pursued quickly by the “Chocolate Ecstasy”; Tempura chocolate hazelnut, served with vanilla ice cream, as well as the “Green Tea Crème Brûlée”, and their homemade cheesecake. As if the sushi and seafood were not enough to make our jaws drop, the deserts left us not only wanting more but dying to return back to Kazumi.
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We could not have been more content and amazed with the presentation and flavours of each plate presented. In addition, the service and conscientiousness at Kazumi is what separates it from the rest. The owner Thang makes a point of getting to know his customers and makes it apparent that he genuinely cares about his restaurant and above all the food and its delivery.  If you choose to experience Kazumi, it is sure to be the main attraction of the evening. You will be ranting and raving about it to all your friends.

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