[Review] Bistro Le Cinq Tournée Mixo-Gastronomique

by · September 10, 2013

The Montreal Nightlife team ended summer on a high note last week, dining at the newly opened Le Cinq Montreal!   La Tournée Mixo-Gastronomique 2013’s August 28th stop at this new location was a great excuse to see what all the noise was about. Giving new life to one of Montreal’s most iconic locations, Le Cinq Montreal is bringing the wow factor back to the  infamous 1234 Mountain address. A familiar cast of characters were on site as the TMG crew, including mixo-wizard Lawrence Picard, set to pair Canadian Club whiskey-based creations with the evening’s menu.


IMG_1109To get us started we were served the “CC Ginger”, a creation based on the classic Canadian Club with ginger beer, topped with herbs and garnished with fresh lime and onion marmalade. This drink was paired with Le Cinq’s classic French Provençal open tarte, the sweet onion “pissaladière” is topped with giant pan seared shrimp and a citrus sauce. The soft onion echo in both items was a nice and surprisingly subtle undertone to the delicate and flaky pastry



Le Cinq Montreal’s concept plays on guilty pleasure and invites us to sin in its stylized house of worship. The braised pork belly main was crispy and accompanied with beet variations. Salty and sinful and paired with Picard’s “Beets and Whisky Daisy” (Canadian Club 12, strawberries, beet syrup and orange citrate) the sweetness was a good match for the pork belly, it really hit the mark.

IMG_1132 IMG_1123

Before we knew it, Lawrence Picard was educating our group on the use of Liquid Nitrogen as he capped of the evening with the final cocktail 5: Canadian Club Sherry Cask, sauterne and blue cheese syrup and cryo-frozen white grapes. This part of the evening was as much a feast for the eyes as it was our lips. Spellbound, we watched as our cocktail glasses overflowed with “cryo-smoke”.   And with that,  we ended the night with a chocolate coolant, paired perfectly with green-tea ice cream.IMG_1153

With the evening winding down, we were offered a tour of the premises. Le Cinq Montréal truly gets it right when it comes to design and layout, successfully creating different vibes within the same space. No less than two fully functional terraces, a full blown restaurant leading into their club space and lastly, a large events venue room – truly makes this one vastly interesting venue.   You will be hearing more and more about Le Cinq Montreal, as management is strongly committed on bringing current French standards of upper scale service and gastronomy to our city. Watch for their featured 5 Sins, an ultra-exclusive menu where one will be able to sample, Kobe, Caviar, Truffles and a few more very high end delicacies.

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