Restaurant Mir; The Best Molecular Fusion In Montreal!

by · March 19, 2013

If we had to choose one term that best describes le Restaurant Mir, it would be “reflected upon”. The environment, the ambiance, the food and the wait staff were all highly reflected upon before a totally new concept emerged for Montreal to experience. Our account of the night will help you decide if this molecular gastronomy experience is for you. But trust us, it is!

Upon arrival, our coats were taken from us immediately and before we realized it, we were seated, had a glass of Asti, and our waiter Gabriel (whom was very knowledgable) had already given us the break down of the menu as well as a brief history lesson, molecular-related of course. There are two ways to journey down their menu, you can opt for a more traditional way of ordering; starting with a cocktail & tapas, followed by a appetizer, then, to finish it off, a meal and dessert. The second strategy, which is considered to be the “edgier” and more “adventurous” way of conquering the menu, is to order 3-5 tapas & cocktails plates (maybe consider finding a DD, the cocktails can pack a little punch).


We were really keen on getting the full experience. Therefore, we let Gabriel bring us what he though was best. We started this culinary experience (it was all our first time eating molecular fusion by the way) with one Tapas & Cocktail each. He followed up by bringing us entrées, a main course and finally a dessert. Here are a few concoctions we though were worth mentioning.

Cocktails And Tapas:

Drunken Cucumber 

Gin & tonic cocktail with frozen cucumber pearls, very refreshing.


The Drunken Cucumber was paired with a confit of arctic char ceviche on a block of salt with cucumber pearls.


The Defector

A Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum mixed with slight touch of Kvass, infused with liquid nitrogen Pear essences.


The Defector was paired with a very tender marinated beef tongue and rye bread ice cream.


Next up Gabriel had some entrées for us:

Popcorn Sweetbread 

“Ris de Veau” served with beer-caramelized onions and an endive mousse. Crispy & tasty.


Cured Cod

Served with brussel sprouts and tofu.


Our mains dishes:


Arctic Char served with buckwheat and quinoa, toped with aubergines.



Braised porc plated with kimchi and chicharon.



Gabriel explained the method used to cook this contre-filet to us, which was very particular . The meat is dropped into a “Bain-marie”  for 20-25 minutes. We’ll let the picture do the talking.

Contre-filet served with oysters, marinated beats and a side of blackberry risotto.



Chocolate Bar

Five different flavours combined in one bar of chocolate, let the taste buds do their job. Flavours in the homemade bar include cauliflower and balsamic vinegar.


Litchi and Rose Cake

Litchi cake alongside a orchid gelée and a ginger confit. So many flavours!


To celebrate the opening, a special desert was created by the chef and here is the result:

Coffee Mousse Cake (special)


This experience was one we truly appreciated, and would like to thank the entire team at Mir for having us. We must forewarn you though, it is not one for everyone and you must be ready to embrace a new comfort zone while trying these tapases. The tastes are one of a kind and not what your typical Montreal restaurant would cook up for you. It is refreshing to see new young, dynamic and progressive restaurants opening in Montreal.





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